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Aintree Coverup Grand National Fall

  • Corach Rambler, last year’s winner, unseated their jockey at the first fence and then fell at the second and also appeared to be run over by two other horses.

  • Many media outlets have used headlines stating “no horses fall at this year’s event”, a mistake that requires formal corrections to be issued. Aintree Racecourse is given as the source for this information, a flat out lie to the British media and public. However, it does show that the public are focused on the fate of the horses more than the race itself. [1]

  • A RacingTV analyst speaking about Corach Rambler said that “he fell without the rider at the second”. [2]

  • The new PR campaign from BHA has already fallen at the first hurdle; honesty and transparency is nowhere to be seen.

  • Animal Rising has reiterated its position that the changes made to the race are nothing more than PR exercises - horses will continue to fall, be injured, and die.

Orla Coghlan, Animal Rising spokesperson said:
“The industry is crumbling before our eyes following the spotlight we have put on them, and in desperation they have now outright lied to the media and public. It’s clear as day that Corach Rambler fell at the second fence, this is no accident from the Aintree spokesperson. 
“Two horses died across the festival this year and the industry cannot claim to have the horses’ best interests at heart while racing them to death and lying to the public. A horse will continue to be killed every other day in British racing on average, and we will continue to call out the cruelty and lies. Public pressure will take this ‘sport’ off our screens, and consign it to the history books.” 


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