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Vigil at Scotland Yard Planned this Thursday for Two Dogs Shot by the Police

Updated: May 11, 2023

  • A video released on Monday showed the Metropolitan Police shooting dead two dogs and tasering a man in Poplar, London. [1]

  • The Met have received significant public backlash, but defended their handling of the incident.

  • The group ‘Animal Rising’, who recently disrupted the Grand National, have organised a vigil for Thursday at 20:00 outside Scotland Yard.

On Sunday evening the Metropolitan Police were filmed shooting two dogs and tasering a man along a canal in Poplar, London. One arrest was made and the Met have since defended their actions.

A vigil is advertised on Facebook ( for 8pm this Thursday (11/05) outside Scotland Yard in memory of the two dogs who had their lives taken. People are encouraged to bring placards, whilst candles will be provided by the group Animal Rising.

Louisa Hillwood, 28, a primary school teacher who lives in Hackney said:
“The video of the two dogs being shot is heartbreaking to watch. The Met Police have been rampaging out of control for too long. How many inquiries and investigations are needed to show they have no regard for life or freedom? This Saturday they arrested 52 peaceful protesters, including myself, before killing two dogs in cold blood on Sunday whilst distressed onlookers filmed the incident on camera.
We are inviting people to come down to our vigil at Scotland Yard this Thursday at 8pm, to mourn the two dogs who had their lives taken and make it clear actions like this from the Met Police will not be ignored by a nation of people that love animals.”

Alongside this incident, 52 peaceful protesters were also arrested on Saturday morning ahead of the Coronation for as little as holding a placard or megaphone. 14 supporters of Animal Rising were also arrested at an all-day training more than 5 miles away from the Coronation procession. The Metropolitan Police have been condemned by multiple international agencies and human rights groups, and said it “regrets” the arrest of six anti-monarchy protesters, but issued no apology to the remaining 46 people [2].


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