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  • Animal Rebellion

Trafalgar Square Fountains Dyed Green! Supporters of Animal Rebellion Occupy Fountains

Trafalgar Square Fountains Dyed Green! Supporters of Animal Rebellion Occupy Fountains, Eating Tofu and Reading a Fake Guardian Newspaper

  • At around 12:45, 3 supporters of Animal Rebellion entered a fountain in Trafalgar Square and set up a folding table and chairs.

  • The individuals were seen eating tofu and reading a Guardian-branded newspaper with futuristic headlines that showed what the climate emergency may mean for the UK in the next decade.

  • The protesters poured green dye into the fountain to signify the rewilding of the UK’s countryside that they claim is required if we are to halt the climate and ecological emergencies.

  • The action follows comments from former Home Secretary Suella Braverman who referred to the ‘Guardian-reading, tofu-eating, wokerati’ [1].

3 Supporters of Animal Rebellion have occupied Trafalgar Square fountain in Westminster as they continue their call for a Plant-Based Future [2]. The protesters were seen eating tofu and holding Guardian-branded newspapers dated 2030, 8 years in the future, with headlines that included: “London homes underwater for 100th consecutive day” and “How a plant-based food system could have halted our climate and nature emergencies”.

Tilly, 20, from Newcastle, was one of those taking action, she said:

“Whilst Government ministers repeatedly resign and shy away from their responsibilities, the tofu-eating wokerati are still here presenting solutions to some of the most pressing challenges we face. In this political turmoil we need someone to step up and enact the solutions required to ensure a livable future for everyone.

Solutions like a plant-based future, which we know would free up a significant amount of land that could then be rewilded to draw-down carbon from the atmosphere and provide vital habitats to our beautiful, threatened wildlife."

Protesters also poured green food-dye into the fountain to signify the rewilding they suggest is required if we are to halt our climate and ecological crises.

In 2018, comprehensive research from the University of Oxford showed that 76% of the land currently used for food production would be freed-up by a global transition to plant-based production [3]. This land could be rewilded and begin carbon drawdown, mitigating the worst impacts of climate breakdown. A 2019 Harvard University report on UK farmland and food production from Helen Harwatt and Matthew N. Hayek also concluded that the UK would be carbon-negative if it completely transitioned to a plant-based food system [4].

The action today follows multiple ‘milk pours’ by the group that went viral on social media last Saturday. Supporters of Animal Rebellion were filmed targeting high-end department stores and supermarkets, taking milk off the shelves and pouring it onto the floor [5].

Animal Rebellion is a mass movement using nonviolent civil disobedience to call for a just, sustainable plant-based food system.


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[2] The animal and climate group is calling for wholesale governmental support for farmers and fishing communities to transition to a plant-based food system and a programme of rewilding that will secure a future for generations to come by drawing down carbon from the atmosphere and restoring vital habitats to native wildlife:


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