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  • Animal Rebellion

Pierce Brosnan among those disrupted by supporters of Animal Rebellion at Mayfair Seafood Restaurant

  • At around 18:45 on (17/3/23), 15 smartly-dressed supporters of Animal Rebellion entered Scott’s and peacefully occupied tables reserved for diners [1].

  • James Bond star Pierce Brosnan was sat down to dine at the restaurant where the protest took place. In a video posted to social media, one supporter of Animal Rebellion said they spoke to Pierce who expressed sympathy for the cause

  • This coincides with the acquittal of Emma Smart, for actions she took at ‘Catch at the Old Fish Market’ in Weymouth, last November, where she confronted Sir David Attenborough [2].

  • The individuals could be seen holding stylised menus showing the benefits of a plant-based food system and rewilding.

Luxury seafood restaurant Scott’s was entered and occupied by individuals calling for an end to animal farming and fishing and a transition to a plant-based food system. They claim that luxury dining represents the massive inequality in today’s society with the cost-of-living, environment, and animal crises being shown all together in one venue.

Louisa Hillwood, 28, a primary school teacher who was amongst those taking action said:

“We’re peacefully occupying tables in Scott’s to make a definitive statement that no seafood is sustainable. Restaurants like this are symbols of horrific inequality, whether it’s the cost-of-living crisis, the climate emergency, and the animal emergency.

We know that transitioning to a plant-based food system would support fishing communities into sustainable jobs, whilst providing abundant affordable and nutritious food, not to mention the benefits of marine rewilding.”

The action comes after it was reported the “High Seas Treaty” had been recently ratified after 10 years of negotiations [3]. The agreement will see 30% of the world’s oceans protected by 2030. Animal Rebellion claims this is a step in the right direction, but it does not go nearly far enough given that it is predicted we could see fishless oceans by 2048 [4]. It was also recently reported that Sir David Attenborough’s “Wild Isles” would, allegedly, be censored by the BBC, with an episode about natural destruction being online only [5].

Scott’s includes no reference to sustainability anywhere on their website. Dishes on the menu include 125g of Beluga caviar at £935 and a bottle of Romanée-Conti, G.C., Domaine de la Romanée-Conti at £30,000 [6]. For reference, it costs around £800 for an average family of 4 each month, further displaying the inequality restaurants like Scott’s represent [7]

Animal Rebellion Supporters held mock menus pictured above

In 2018, comprehensive research from the University of Oxford showed that 76% of the land currently used for food production would be freed-up by a global transition to plant-based production [8]. This land could be rewilded and begin carbon drawdown, mitigating the worst impacts of climate breakdown. A 2019 Harvard University report on UK farmland and food production from Helen Harwatt and Matthew N. Hayek also concluded that the UK would be carbon-negative if it completely transitioned to a plant-based food system [9].

Animal Rebellion is urging wholesale governmental and societal support for farmers and fishing communities to transition to a plant-based food system and programme of rewilding that will secure a future for generations to come.


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[1] 20 Mount St, London W1K 2HE.



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