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  • Animal Rebellion

Hunting Shop Painted Red & Pall Mall Brought to a Standstill

  • London’s West End has been brought to a standstill as hundreds of people march from Green Park to Piccadilly Circus.

  • Around 13:50, red paint was poured inside Farlows Hunting Shop (SW1Y 5NP) and paper flowers were placed outside.

  • Other groups of people poured milk in nearby supermarkets in acts of civil resistance simultaneously.

Hundreds of supporters of Animal Rebellion have disrupted The West End today, demanding that Prime Minister Liz Truss and Secretary for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs Ranil Jayawardena act on the climate, ecological, and cost-of-living crises.

Catherine Cannon, a teacher from South Somerset, has said:

“Liz Truss and Ranil Jayawardena are burying their heads in the sand on the climate, ecological, and cost-of-living crises. They should be listening when The University of Harvard is telling us a plant-based food system and rewilding is the key solution to the climate crisis, not ignoring it. We’re here acting for all life because our government is not” [2]

“We are at a crossroads in history where we will choose abundance and life, or drought, famine and death. We urge the British Government to choose a plant-based food system. A plant-based food system is one that puts the environment, animals, and farmers first; it can only be achieved by massive changes to our current subsidy system.”

Inside Farlow’s Hunting Shop on Pall Mall has been covered in red paint and paper flowers placed outside, in an act highlighting the need for urgent and immediate transition towards a plant-based food system, away from the current one that includes the inefficient and unnecessary exploitation of nonhuman animals.

The group say this is to expose the outdated practices of hunting, shooting and fishing, whilst also showing that a better world is possible. The outside of the shop has also been covered in origami flowers to represent the nature that could be restored and flourish if we move into a plant-based future, free from so-called “blood sports”. Meanwhile, others took and emptied milk from a Marks & Spencer’s supermarket to send a clear message that a food system built on the exploitation of animals and the environment is not sustainable.

These actions come after Animal Rebellion took action in September to shut down the dairy industry, resulting in empty shelves being seen in London supermarkets [1]. The climate group has 2 demands:

1. Government supports farmers and fishing communities to move away from animal farming and fishing as part of an urgent and immediate transition to a plant-based food system.

2. Government commits to rewild the freed-up land and ocean as part of a broader programme of wildlife restoration and carbon drawdown.

Robert Gordon, from York, has said:
“A plant-based food system could feed more people, using less land, for less money. Instead of trapping farmers in dependence on outdated and inefficient subsidies, Ranil Jayawardena and DEFRA should be taking bold steps to assist farmers in a transition to a plant-based future with a meaningful and supportive subsidy system. It’s time we have a government that backs farmers, rather than leaving them on their backs.”

The actions today come as part of Animal Rebellion’s demands for a plant-based future, which were announced on Monday 23rd of May [3]. The animal and climate group is calling for wholesale governmental support for farmers and fishing communities to transition to a plant-based food system and programme of rewilding that will secure a future for generations to come.

Animal Rebellion is a mass movement using nonviolent civil disobedience to call for a just, sustainable plant-based food system.


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