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Animal Rebellion Relaunches As ‘Animal Rising’ Ahead Of Grand National Disruption

Updated: Jun 3

  • Animal Rebellion has today announced it will be renaming and relaunching, ahead of what it calls “the biggest campaign of animal-focussed actions the UK has seen in decades” this summer.

  • This will begin on Saturday (15/04/2023) when the group aims to disrupt the Grand National, calling on animal lovers to “just turn up” at Aintree racecourse from 9:30 am.

  • The group says this change signals a new era of action for animals, with over 500 people trained to take peaceful action to protect animals and nature, in order to tackle the climate, ecological, and animal emergencies.

  • The group has previously taken action to shut down all McDonald’s UK distribution centres, stop the supply of dairy to supermarkets, and rescue 23 beagle puppies from MBR Acres (a facility that breeds animals for testing) [1].

The civil resistance group, formerly known as ‘Animal Rebellion’, has today revealed its new identity ‘Animal Rising’, heralding an upcoming period of action over the summer of 2023 which the group calls the “Summer of Animal Rising.” The group says it will combine freeing animals through open rescue with high-profile public-facing actions in its bid to generate a national conversation on our relationship with nonhuman animals and the natural world [2].

Rose Patterson, Animal Rising action coordinator said:

“Today marks the first day of Animal Rising, a bold step towards a world in which our relationships with humans, other animals, and the rest of nature are repaired. This summer we’ll be taking action to save animal lives and create a long-overdue discussion about how we all live needs to align with the values the vast majority of us hold.

This begins on Saturday when we’re calling on all animal lovers to come together at The Grand National and make their voices heard. Whether it’s horses on a racetrack, rabbits or dogs in testing facilities, or the millions of other animals in our food system, the time to protect them is now.

We know most people are on our side because most people think of themselves as animal lovers. We urgently need to come together and focus on what we have in common, rather than allow politicians like Rishi Sunak and Suella Braverman to divide us. We stand at a crossroads in history and it is the responsibility of ordinary people across the globe to do the right thing and build a better world.”

Last night, supporters of Animal Rising spray-painted the group’s logo (a stylised ∀) and put up posters in cities including London and Manchester, targeting betting shops and adverts ahead of the Grand National [3].

Animal Rising is a social movement to create a new relationship with all beings and give us a chance for a safe ecological future.


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Notes to Editors:


[2] Open Rescue is a means of rescuing animals from suffering and captivity inside laboratories, breeding facilities and industrial farms that does not hide the identity of the rescuing humans, who will hand themselves in to the police once the animals have been taken to safety. It was introduced as a tactic by Animals Victoria in Australia to show nonviolence and transparent tactics by those taking action for animals.

[3] The ∀ symbol is a logical symbol meaning “for all.”



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