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Animal Rebellion Declares Pause To Action Amidst Announcement Of The Death Of Queen Elizabeth II

Due to the death of Queen Elizabeth II, Animal Rebellion has taken the decision to temporarily pause actions, but to continue its dialogue with farmers, in its peaceful struggle for a better world.

Animal Rebellion acknowledges that this is a time of intense emotion for many millions of people across the UK, and The Globe. It is important to recognise the grief associated with death; grief is a powerful, raw emotion and people need time to reflect and heal.

Grief is something felt every single day across The Global South as communities are torn apart by the climate crisis. Right now millions of lives are at risk in Pakistan. The climate crisis does not, and has not, stopped because of one death. We feel grief every single moment for the billions of animals that are killed each year in our inefficient food system. Grief is felt endlessly by the victims of colonialism that Britain has presided over and instigated.

In reflection, we can find what drives and motivates us. It is upon reflection we all find what is most important to us. Whether it is our loved ones, friends, nonhuman animals, or our beautiful planet.

Animal Rebellion today declares a win in their struggle for climate, social and animal justice. The group, which has been taking nonviolent direct action against the dairy industry and British Government, says that the national conversation on the climate, ecological, and animal emergencies has been irreversibly changed.

Truly brave and courageous individuals have chosen to take nonviolent actions to make this change possible. They have put their liberty on the line time and time again, with many of them breaking a high court injunction specifically designed to protect the status quo.

Since 31/8/22, Animal Rebellion has achieved over 1100 online press mentions, 30+ more in print (including 13 national newspapers,) and appeared on The Jeremy Vine Show with there being virtually no serious challenge to the group's demands:

1. Government supports farmers and fishing communities to move away from animal farming and fishing as part of an urgent and immediate transition to a plant-based food system.

2. Government commits to rewild the freed-up land and ocean as part of a broader programme of wildlife restoration and carbon drawdown.

This week, Animal Rebellion took the first steps into a plant-based future with bold and brave action taken at 7 different dairy facilities and in Westminster, the heart of the British political establishment. What lies ahead of us all is truly inspiring to consider.

A dedicated team of empathetic, kind, and honest people have spent this week in frank and open dialogue with farmers across the South of England. This team began a conversation that has never been seen before; vegans and animal farmers at a table talking about what we all hold in common, rather than focusing on what people are led to believe should disagree on.

Dan Kidby, co-founder of Animal Rebellion, who has spent the last few days having these discussions, said “We have built many strong relationships with animal farmers and community leaders across the South West of England. This is just the beginning of a productive partnership to transform our food system together.”

Clearly, the world is no longer hiding from reality: a plant-based future is our only future. All that remains is for The Government to act on it and offer the support that farmers desperately need to transition into a hopeful future. Animal Rebellion reaffirms its commitment to undertaking the peaceful civil resistance that will bring about a loving world where all living beings are free.

This does not mark the end, but rather the beginning of something truly world-changing.

For humans, for nonhuman animals, and for our planet.



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