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Three Animal Rising Supporters Avoid Prison After Painting the Marine Stewardship Council Red in 2022

  • On 21st March, 2022, three supporters of Animal Rising were arrested after spraying the offices of the Marine Stewardship Council blood red.

  • Animal Rising - at the time, known as Animal Rebellion - was calling on the organisation to stop certifying the fishing industry and instead support a just transition to sustainable alternatives [1].

  • The individuals were charged with Criminal Damage of around £20,000.

  • This morning, at the London Inner Crown Court, the three individuals were sentenced by Judge Reid.

  • Two defendants received suspended sentences and all were ordered to pay court costs totalling £1015.

This morning (25/04/24), three supporters of Animal Rising - formerly Animal Rebellion - were sentenced at Inner London Crown Court by Judge Reid for causing £20,000 in Criminal Damage after covering the Marine Stewardship Council’s London headquarters blood red in March of 2022. 

Two defendants received suspended sentences of 14 and 15 weeks, and all received 12-month supervision orders. They were ordered to pay a total of £1015 towards court costs. Two received community orders of unpaid work, totalling 165 days.

One of the defendants, Fran, a 29-year old social care worker in London, said:

"We took this action because our oceans are being killed. By adding their stamp of approval to our unsustainable fishing industries, the Marine Stewardship Council has blood on their hands. The vast majority of fishing is done by large trawlers, indiscriminately dredging the oceans of all life. Instead of endorsing this destruction, they should be supporting fishing communities in the necessary transition to a safer, more secure plant-based food system.”

Animal Rising is a social movement to create a new relationship with all beings and give us a chance for a safe ecological future. The group primarily calls for the transition to a secure and sustainable plant-based food system, alongside a mass rewilding programme.


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