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How we achieve change

We follow in the footsteps of other nonviolent social movements who have brought about lasting change, such as the Civil Rights Movement. We are a love-based movement, and we believe compassion, kindness, commitment and taking responsibility are the values that will bring about a safer, fairer world.

We focus on creating “actions of the heart” balanced with campaigns that achieve high levels of media coverage. This is to create a crucial national conversation about our treatment of animals and the natural world.

We have three streams of nonviolent protest actions which will continue throughout the summer.


Open animal rescues and farm occupations. Spotlighting the stories of animals suffering through exploitation. Open rescuers hand themselves into the police and take accountability for their actions, because we know we have nothing to hide and are morally justified in preventing further harm. 


Mass trespass onto animal racing events. As a nation of animal lovers it is about time we put these cruel, outdated practices under the spotlight and bring them to an end. There are more fun ways to spend a weekend than watching animals die, and as a society we will find ways to love animals without harming them.



Public facing disruptions. This includes supermarket sit-ins, restaurant sit-ins, roadblocks, and more. All conducted peacefully and nonviolently. We do these attention-grabbing actions to help people rethink their connection with other living beings and the natural world.

If you want to help end the suffering of animals and speed up the transition to a plant-based food system, come and join us.

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