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Runaway London Calf:15,500 People Call For Beau To Be Rehomed In Sanctuary

  • Over 15,000 people have now signed a petition in less than two days calling for Beau, the calf who escaped in Staines-Upon-Thames this past weekend - being hit multiple times by police,to be rehomed in a sanctuary [1].

  • Animal Rising has secured a sanctuary space with acres of land and other cows and is ready to cooperate with the RSPCA and the farm where she lives to give the calf a happy ending.

  • Animal Rising has highlighted that, if Beau remains on the farm, she’ll inevitably end up in a slaughterhouse at a fraction of her natural life span - which could be as high as 20 years.

  • Major public figures, including Home Secretary James Cleverly and environmentalist Chris Packham, have spoken out on the fate of the calf [2] [3].

Barely 48 hours since horrific video footage emerged of Beau the calf being repeatedly rammed by a police vehicle in West London, Animal Rising has secured over 15,000 signatures from the public calling for her to be rehomed at a sanctuary that the group has arranged.

Ben Newman, Animal Rising Co-Director said:
“The outpouring of public support for Beau after the country saw her horrific treatment by the police this past weekend is a clear sign of who we are as a nation. Thousands of people have called for her to be safely rehomed at the sanctuary space we’ve organised, and we’d love to see Kate and Rob - the farmers with her now - make that happen.
Beau deserves a happy ending to her whirlwind journey, and sadly that cannot happen as long as she remains in animal farming. Most farmed cows only live to around five years old if they’re lucky, but in a sanctuary, Beau could live into her twenties. The British public wants to see this happen, and we’re willing to work with everyone involved to ensure it does.”

Animal Rising is a social movement to create a new relationship with all beings and give us a chance for a safe ecological future. The group primarily calls for the transition to a secure and sustainable plant-based food system, alongside a mass rewilding programme.


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