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Rescued Beagles from Animal Testing: Photo Released of Max Now

Updated: Jun 3

  • Animal Rising released a photo today of a beagle puppy that we are calling Max to protect his identity. Max was rescued from MBR Acres in December of 2022 and has gone on to live a full and happy life of freedom and play.

  • Max was one of 18 beagles that were rescued on 20/12/22 from MBR Acres, a Cambridgeshire animal testing and breeding facility that breeds around 2,000 beagles a year to later be sold for animal testing at 16 weeks old.

  • None of the rescuers have been charged, despite all of them handing themselves in to the police with the intention of ‘putting animal testing on trial’ for saving the dogs from lives of torture and certain death that they would have lived had they remained at MBR Acres.  

More than a year after he was rescued, a photo of Max, one of 18 beagles rescued by Animal Rising, has been released. He is shown sitting outside in the sun and grass, which is a stark difference from his former life in captivity, where he was trapped in an uncomfortable indoor enclosure at all hours of the day.  Max’s companions describe him as friendly and loving towards all, and he loves to play with other dogs and cuddle with his human family. He’s able to go on adventures and has the freedom to explore, just as every dog should have.

One of the rescuers, Ben Newman, 33, said:
“It’s very touching to see Max thrive as a sociable and playful dog after being born into a life of abuse and confinement. Every dog deserves the chance to be ‘man’s best friend’ and live a life of love and care.
We know that people love dogs and would rush to help them if they were hurt, and open rescue is no different. If we love animals, we have to move forward with the kindness needed to create a world where no animals are harmed for food, experimentation, or entertainment.”

The rescuers cite the exploitation and cruelty that animals endure as justification for their actions in December 2022, with instances of beagles being bled to death to harvest their blood and organs [1] and being force-fed poisons and drugs that leave them “hypersalivating, trembling, vomiting and moaning on the floor” [2] before ultimately dying or being put down. 

Animal testing has proven to be unnecessary and ineffective; around 90% of the experimental drugs tested on animals go on to fail in human trials [3]. However, more effective alternatives, such as lab-grown stem cells and advanced computer modeling, exist and should be pushed as the next generation of ethical experimentation [4].


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