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Hundreds Gather For Vigil After Murder Of Two Dogs By Metropolitan Police

Updated: Jun 3

  • From around 20:00 this evening (11/5/23), hundreds of people gathered outside New Scotland Yard on Westminster Embankment to peacefully mourn after a video released on Monday showed the Metropolitan Police shooting dead two dogs and tasering a man in Poplar, London [1].

  • Those present heard speeches from individuals about the need to condemn all police violence against innocent individuals - whether human or not. The group lit vegan candles and placed them in front of the building.

  • The vigil was organised by Animal Rising, the group that recently disrupted the Grand National, to offer anyone impacted by the murder of the dogs a space to process the events.

In a clear action condemning the Metropolitan Police’s actions, several hundred people have gathered for a vigil outside the force’s headquarters tonight. Just months after the Casey Report found the Metropolitan Police to be “Institutionally homophobic, sexist, misogynist, and racist.” the shooting of two dogs adds to arrests of peaceful protestors and continued targeting of already marginalised groups [2].

Dan Kidby, Co-founder of Animal Rising, one of those at the vigil said:

“The Casey Report seems to have changed absolutely nothing. The police have continued to act out of line with their job to serve and protect us all - now resulting in the shooting of two beautiful dogs, who hours before were happy and full of life. We’re here tonight to show that, as a community, we will stand together, and be peaceful and defiant in the face of injustice.

We stand with the communities disproportionately affected by increased police powers, we stand with the nonviolent protestors from Just Stop Oil and Republic arrested without reason last weekend, and we stand with everyone saddened and outraged by the murder of two dogs in Poplar on Sunday. We believe a kinder and better world is possible.”

Alongside this incident, 52 peaceful protesters were also arrested on Saturday morning ahead of the Coronation for as little as holding a placard or megaphone. 14 supporters of Animal Rising were also arrested at an all-day training more than 5 miles from the Coronation procession. The Metropolitan Police have been condemned by multiple international agencies and human rights groups and said it “regrets” the arrest of six anti-monarchy protesters, but issued no apology to the remaining 46 people [3].


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1 Comment

Unknown member
May 19, 2023

Yet again police abusing their power, I myself have a Belgian malinois and previously German shepherd's. People round my way just like them dispicable women who dramatise a large dog going near their precious little dog. People cross paths and pick their dogs up when I'm out with my malinois. Who is the sweetest girl ever she plays with children, very well with other dogs and even cuddles up with our rabbit. There was obviously no investigation done before police took that disgusting action on them dogs. If them dogs had actually attacked them two reported dogs they would of been dead. Idiot owners wanting some attention making out them dogs were vicious when obviously they weren't. Saying they were…

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