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Epsom Is Next: Animal Rising Declares Intention To Disrupt The Derby Festival

(Photo taken during Animal Rising's support for Extinction Rebellion at "The Big One")

  • This morning, representatives of Animal Rising informed The Jockey Club and British Horseracing Authority that the Epsom Derby Festival (2/6/23-3/6/23) would be the site of nonviolent action this year, aiming to prevent races from running. The group claims as many as 1000 individuals could be involved.

  • Earlier this year the group caused significant delays to the Grand National at Aintree, whilst also taking action at the Scottish Grand National at Ayr [1].

  • This is a continuation of Animal Rising’s anticipated summer of high-profile actions, including the “open rescue” of animals [2].

Just over a fortnight after hundreds took nonviolent action at the Grand National, Animal Rising is publicly stating that the famous Epsom Downs racecourse will see the group’s supporters attempting to cancel races at the venue.

Orla Coghlan, a spokesperson for Animal Rising said

“At the Grand National, when we aimed to put ourselves between horses and harm in the race, Animal Rising created a massive discussion about our fractured connection to other animals and nature. The following Monday saw YouGov findings report that 54% of us find the race cruel, a clear voice of public opinion.

Last year we took action at The Epsom Derby, and this year will see us return in far greater numbers. The way we treat horses as just animals to be used on racetracks symbolises the massive disconnect we have with all other life. Healing this disconnect is at the core of building a better world and tackling the climate and nature crises.” [3]

The announcement of expected action at Epsom comes in the wake of the Public Order Act being passed through the House of Lords last week. Contained within it is the new offence of “Locking On” and provision for “Serious Disruption Prevention Orders.” [4]

Animal Rising claims that this new legislation will not deter people from taking action and that it represents the actions of a government not fit for purpose. The group claims that the need to address the climate and nature emergencies to create a better world for everyone is more important.

Animal Rising is a social movement to create a new relationship with all beings and give us a chance for a safe ecological future. The group primarily calls for the transition to a secure and sustainable plant-based food system, alongside a mass rewilding programme


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Notes to Editors:

[2] Open Rescue is a means of rescuing animals from suffering and captivity inside laboratories, breeding facilities and industrial farms that does not hide the identity of the rescuing humans, who will hand themselves into the police once the animals have been taken to safety. It was introduced as a tactic by Animals Victoria in Australia to show nonviolence and transparent tactics by those taking action for animals.



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