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Epsom Derby Disrupted: Supporters Of Animal Rising Arrested

Updated: Jun 3

  • Several people have been arrested this afternoon for attempting to enter the track at Epsom Downs Racecourse, causing disruption to the Derby. This adds to 19 earlier today [1]

  • Animal Rising is calling on us all to mend our broken relationship with other animals and nature.

  • This is a continuation of Animal Rising’s anticipated summer of high-profile actions, including the “open rescue” of animals such as three lambs from the King’s Sandringham Estate [2].

After weeks of speculation and discussion, Animal Rising has disrupted the Epsom Derby. After the group hit headlines when it disrupted the Grand National at Aintree, once more it is putting the spotlight on our broken relationship with other animals and nature.

Kerri Waters, PhD Researcher and one of those disrupting the Derby said:

“On Friday we saw Running Lion refuse to ride in the Oaks race, showing bravery and resistance to being used as an object and treated like property. That is exactly why we’ve attempted to disrupt the Derby and shone the spotlight on our broken relationship with other animals and the natural world.

We’re a nation of animal lovers, and that showed when 54% of us decided that the Gran National was cruel. It’s entirely possible for us to come together and build a better, kinder world.” [2]

Earlier this morning Animal Rising issued a final statement ahead of the Derby, referencing the Running Lion refusing to be raced by kicking out of the starting gates before the Oaks race yesterday

Churchill Downs, the home of the Kentucky Derby, announced today that 12 horse deaths in recent weeks mean it will be suspending races. Animal Rising says this is a clear example of how the risks associated with the sport are simply unacceptable - asking the Jockey Club to follow suit [3].

Animal Rising is a social movement to create a new relationship with all beings and give us a chance for a safe ecological future. The group primarily calls for the transition to a secure and sustainable plant-based food system, alongside a mass rewilding programme.


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