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At around 14:35 a group of Animal Rising supporters started slowly marching on the roads around Aintree Racecourse in Liverpool to disrupt access to the venue. They were joined in solidarity by supporters of Just Stop Oil.

Daniel Juniper, an early years practioner and one of those slow marching said:

“I’m here today with one aim, and that’s to do everything peacefully possible to stop any horses coming to harm in the Grand National. I’m hoping ouractions here today will provoke a national conversation andfor us all to really think about how we treat animals and if it really aligns with our values as animal lovers.

Hundreds of horses die yearly in racing, alongside a billion in our food system. We urgently need to begin building a kinder world. We can all imagine a world where wild horses can roam, we have a safe and secure food system, and we all thrive.” [1]

This comes after X arrests earlier today of individuals on suspicion of conspiracy to cause a public nuisance. Animal Rising are aiming to cancel the Grand National in order to stop horses being put in harm's way and begin a national discussion about our relationship to other animals and nature.

A statement on today’s arrests:

Nathan McGovern, spokesperson for Animal Rising said:

“These actions show that the police are spending more time chasing peaceful protestors than addressing the real issues that exist, such as our broken relationship with animals and the climate emergency.

We will remain peaceful and undeterred to protect all life on the planet; we are a group of animal lovers, just like the majority of the UK. Today is the first of many actions this year that aim to start a national conversation on these important issues.

Claudia took time this morning to speak with the press about how we need to address our relationship with animals, and our desire to stop the horses in the Grand National from coming to harm or even losing their life. Her punishment for these interviews was to be arrested by Merseyside Police, who had previously said they would facilitate a peaceful protest.”


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