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Sign Up to Create Change in Your Local Community

Take a stand to protect animals and nature by supporting your local institutions to lead the way in a 100% plant-based transition.

Sign up now and a local volunteer will be in touch about getting involved in our Councils or University Campaigns.



Why should I get involved?

The Challenge

We love animals. But as a society we’ve lost our connection with them, as we continue to breed and kill billions of other beings each year for ‘food’ or ‘fun’.
This cruel suffering is at the heart of our climate and ecological emergencies. Animal farming and fishing threatens our collective future, destroying our land, our forests, and our oceans. The exploitation of animals is directly responsible for global heating, extreme weather events, food insecurity, and the mass loss of wildlife and nature.

Unless we find a way to repair this broken relationship, we cannot fix either the climate or nature emergencies. 


The Solution

If we act now, we can have a liveable future not just for us but for all life.

A safe, secure and sustainable plant-based food system will deliver the changes we urgently need. We can repair our broken relationship with animals and support farmers to transition into this safer, sustainable food system.

The science is clear: more than 70% of farmland can be freed up and rewilded to allow nature to recover, whilst still providing
enough nutritious food for our growing population. It makes our rivers and seas cleaner, our air easier to breathe. Wild animals, bees and butterflies will return and flourish as animal farming and
fishing comes to an end. 

Act on what your heart is telling you. Together we can heal our relationship with other beings and create a safer, better future for all life.

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