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Animal Rising achieves change through campaigns that build social pressure to tackle the animal, nature and climate emergencies
and create a better world



That’s because we believe the change we need will come through repairing our connection with other animals, by challenging wherever they’re exploited.


Whether in animal farming or fishing, in laboratories, in zoos, or in ‘sports’ like horse racing. 

This summer will be the

Summer Of Animal Rising.

Our campaigns this year are going to be huge, putting our treatment of animals in the spotlight.

We’ll be freeing animals, occupying farms, and disrupting cruel and outdated animal racing events. Everything we do is open and accountable.

The way we treat animals

not only harms them, but harms us

and the natural world.


Animal farming and fishing is devouring the planet;

it destroys ecosystems and lives wherever it takes over.

These industries require vast amounts of land and fresh-water,

causing mass pollution as they go, killing rivers and wild animal

populations. Animal farming itself is disproportionately responsible for deforestation, land clearance, and biodiversity loss.

If you love animals and the natural world, you see this all around you every day.

This cannot go on.

We are rising up not only for animals, but for everyone who wants to heal our broken relationship with nature. 


We want to help bring the animal movement together and create an irresistible force for change.
If you love animals,

join us.


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