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Sandringham Sheep Rescue: Further Footage Released

Updated: Jun 3

  • Animal Rising has released further footage of the “open rescue” of 3 sheep from the royal estate at Sandringham yesterday evening [1] [2].

  • The group can confirm the animals have not been returned to the farmer or released into the wild, they are safe and with animal experts who will care for them and allow them to live happily.

  • The rescuers, Rosa Sharkey, Sarah Foy, and Rose Patterson are now in police custody at Maidenhead.

Rosa Sharkey, 23, said:

“Our actions yesterday have saved a family of sheep from slaughter; but they’ve also asked a broader question about our broken relationship with animals and nature. We’ve rescued sheep from Sandringham because the Royal Family, more than any other, have a responsibility to lead by example and show the way towards tackling the climate and nature crises. The sheep here are living beings, worthy of freedom just like any one of us.

King Charles is a self-proclaimed environmentalist and nature lover, it is up to him to put right on that. He and his family are the global representatives of a nation known for being animal lovers - they ought to show it.”


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High-Quality Pictures and Videos:

All images and videos in this file, on our social media, and website can be used with credit to Animal Rising under ‘fair use’ for the purposes of reporting.

For more information or further comments, please contact:

Nathan (Press Back Office) +44 1225 29 6691

Notes To The Editor:

[2] Open Rescue is a means of rescuing animals from suffering and captivity inside laboratories, breeding facilities and industrial farms that does not hide the identity of the rescuing humans, who will hand themselves in to the police once the animals have been taken to safety. It was introduced as a tactic by Animals Victoria in Australia to show nonviolence and transparent tactics by those taking action for animals.



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