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Jockey Club Injunction: Animal Rising Response

Updated: May 24, 2023

  • This afternoon Animal Rising was informed by The Jockey Club that they have applied for an injunction against the group ahead of The Epsom Derby Festival on 3-4 June. The case will be heard this Friday 26/5/23 [1].

  • This comes after Animal Rising made several public statements earlier this month regarding the event [2].

Dan Kidby, co-founder of Animal Rising said:

“Injunctions are a little-known, but often-used, way of bypassing democracy and allowing private companies to essentially buy their own laws. They’ve been used against local groups that challenged HS2, traveller communities in Wolverhampton, and now against animal lovers attempting to stop harm from coming to racehorses.

Animal Rising is committed to nonviolent action to create a national conversation about our shattered connection to other animals and nature - doing so is the first step towards a kinder and better world for all life.

I’ve been having consistent, productive communication with the Jockey Club over the last month, and I don’t see this being the end of that. It’s clear that we all love the horses that are set to run at Epsom next month - we just disagree on how to show that love. We can only mend our broken relationship with other animals and nature when we come together, and that is what Animal Rising will keep working towards.”

The injunction documents reveal that the Jockey Club spent in excess of £70,000 on security at The Grand National, and expects the Epsom Derby Festival costs to more than double that at £150,000.

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