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Four Animal Rising Supporters Found Not Guilty for Willful Obstruction of a Highway

  • After a four-day trial, four Animal Rising supporters were found not guilty of willful obstruction of a highway that targeted the ARLA Dairy Distribution Centre in Aylesbury during the Plant-Based Future campaign last September [1].

  • Over 100 supporters of Animal Rising took action last year to demonstrate the need for our government to support farmers in a transition to a just and sustainable plant-based food system in order to address the climate crisis.

  • This trial was for actions taken on 4/9/22, which led to activities being shut down at the UK’s largest dairy facility.

Anna Wilkinson, one of the defendants, said:

We’re very thrilled about all four of us receiving a not guilty verdict. The judge spoke about recognising the need to defend the right to protest, and the verdict today proves that our actions are proportionate, given the harm dairy farming causes to nature and animals. The climate crisis is finally being recognised as one of the foremost issues that we are confronting, and with today’s acquittal, we hope that other courageous people are inspired to continue to stand up for the protection of people, animals, and the planet.


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